Honeyed Banana Grill Wrap | Aly Foods
Honeyed Banana Grill Wrap | Aly Foods
14 Jun 2022

Honeyed Banana Grill Wrap


  • 4 aly Chocolate Tortillas
  • 2 Bananas
  • 100 g Honey
  • 200 g Hazelnut
  • 100 g Chocolate Hazelnut Cream
  • 50 g Split Pistachio


After breaking the bananas into two and pouring honey over them, place bananas in a heated pan. After the bananas are placed on the plate, spread chocolate hazelnut cream on the tortillas and add nuts and pistachios. After applying the same process for 4 tortillas, serve them on a dish and cut in a way that makes room for honey and peanuts. Honey is poured over and the wrap ready for service