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Delicious foods can be prepared with Tortilla, an unleavened bread type. Those who are busy in their daily lives but do not want to give up the taste can easily make room for magnificent tastes and aperitif solutions in their kitchens with tortillas. The products that you can consume safely at every meal from breakfast to dinner are a unique taste that not only you but also your children will enjoy. 


With the Gourmet Tortilla Series, it is up to you to consume the products that appeal to your taste whenever you want.  By making room for Tortilla Gourmet Series products in your cupboard, you can prepare great flavors at any time, in a short time and with ease. 



In addition to preparing practical meals for your sudden guests, you can choose from different Tortilla products that offer delicious and easy choices in pleasant tables where you sit as a family. You can enjoy preparing snacks that will appeal to your children while finding the most delicious answer to the question of “What’s Tortilla?” 



If you want to have snacks during the day, you can prepare different recipes with Tortilla chips. If you want to prepare a different dinner or lunch, you can take advantage of the tortilla recipe options and easily prepare new flavors at home. 



You can benefit from tortilla lavash products to decorate your table with a quality selection and to gain the appreciation of your loved ones with new flavors you will prepare with your hands. 



You can try special pizza varieties where you can prepare many different flavors such as meat and vegetables together with Tortilla pizza base products in a short time.  Instead of kneading dough, waiting for it to ferment and rolling out the dough, you can have the privilege of preparing this flavor in your home by choosing among tortilla de patatas products.



Delicious Tortilla Varieties



You can easily buy tortilla pasta or tortilla chips as well as tortilla de patata, which allows you to experience world-famous flavors at home. You can choose according to your needs among the products offered for sale according to different number of pieces. 



You can easily buy and consume tortilla recipe and pringles tortilla products as well as tortilla bread that you want to have in your home at any time with ease of online transaction. You can view all the products in the Gourmet Tortilla series and buy the products you want among the options that vary according to the number of pieces and use them to prepare different flavors.



Why Tortilla? 



If you do not want to consume constant pot meals in everyday life and like to have delicious snacks from time to time, you can feel comfortable. Our tortilla products include all options such as bread and lavash pizza base. You can prepare these products in a short time and offer delicious tables for your family to spend time together. You can also have the privilege of consuming food that you are sure of its hygiene and cleanliness.



Products Protecting Your Health



You can safely choose among tortilla maker products that do not contain sweeteners and preservatives, and enjoy the comfort of serving them to your loved ones. Among the products of the series, besides the tortilla soup and tortilla española, there is also tortilla chips, which is a snack product.



You can easily buy products that do not contain preservatives but also do not contain sweeteners and food coloring and consume them safely with your children. You can choose from the products in the Gourmet Tortilla series to prepare delicious and wonderful dishes. You can prepare foods suitable for your taste in a short time by choosing practical products such as lavash and pizza base. Thanks to the online purchase option, you can buy Tortilla flavors with one click.


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